Who dafuq are we??

Hi. We’re Apes & Qat, two friends who met during a summer program in Taiwan a few years back. We’re introverted companions, travel buddies, and tbh ridiculously chill. We both began our professional journeys in the Fall of 2016, Apes in optometry school and Qat in dental school. Eyes vs. mouths, west vs. east, In-N-Out vs. Shake Shack: we cover a lot of ground between the two of us. Our time over the next four years will undoubtedly be intense, surprising, and hopefully a lot of fun. And you (whether you’re pre-opto/pre-dental, currently in school as well, or just a rando person looking to check out some cool vibes) can follow us through this next stage in our lives right here on our little blog. Wish us luck! ‘Cause when we graduate, we’ll be 27, Apes will still be single, and Qat will probably still be using her selfie stick (fingers crossed).


Apes & Qat