Real Tip #2: Stop Complaining.

This was a rough week. Why? No fucking clue. No exams, no practicals, nothing academically pressing. No terrible days, no inconvenient occurrences, no bad things at all. Then why dafuq do I feel like I have been dragged through mud for seven days straight? I guess you could say it was just one of those “meh” weeks. Granted, we are just about to plunge into a continuous, month-long midterm season, so this week was our only “free” week until Thanksgiving…maybe the pressure to get an early start on studying was looming overhead, and my failure to do so put me down in the dumps. But as shitty as I felt this week (didn’t get enough sleep, couldn’t catch the bus in the morning, lecture material was making zero sense, pre-clinic got way too intense for me), you know the one thing I made sure NOT to do? Complain. I didn’t fucking whine, and because of that, I honestly feel like I was better able to deal with this asshole of a week. Because objectively, this week was not bad at all, maybe even great. It’s my subjective thinking that makes me consider the week as a “bad week,” but my standards for a bad week may be those of a good week for someone else. Regardless, not complaining helped me survive. Even though I often felt like a piece of shit, I never let it show, and I never spread my shitty-ness to others. I can only hope that my peers will do the same for me on their “bad weeks.”

oh what do we have here? pretty water, fluffy clouds, blue skies, AND NO FUCKING COMPLAINTS.

Why do we complain, anyways? To get something off our chests, to be heard, to get attention, to be dramatic…why do we (students/young people/privileged individuals) feel the constant urge to vocalize every little disturbance we encounter in our otherwise perfect and easy-going lives? Yeah, life is hard. School is stressful. People are mean. But what’s new??? Sure, whining and indulging in one’s misfortune’s can be fun and therapeutic, but save the pity party for girl talk or deep conversations about love and marriage and soul-searching (whatever that is). Your day-to-day interactions, especially those with classmates and friends, should be conducive to a healthy day, and since negativity is freaking contagious, I think we should all be weary about how and when we dish it out.

Fuck, you have two tests next week AND your childhood friends are coming in town for the weekend AND you want to go to the gym AND you want to get 7 hours of sleep? Shit, homie you better have a plan and then just fucking do it. You’ll probably be tired, and you may not even get to everything on your to-do list, but wouldn’t you rather try with positivity and fail with a lesson rather than go through the week complaining about how much you still have to do? Don’t shit on your schedule and make it all smelly. Clean up your act and DO IT. We ain’t got to time to be yapping on and on about things that won’t matter in the big picture (one test/one class/one day vs. your entire career), and nobody has time to listen to/be affected by Debbie Downer. If you want to get through opto school (or even any kind of school), you better learn how to keep the stress and sadness at bay. And even when you can’t, you gotta learn how to keep it to yourself.



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